Air Conditioner Comparison – What Kind of Air-Conditioner Should I Buy?

When the weather gets warm, we’re all thinking about air conditioning. The importance of your air conditioner is usually lost in the colder months, and is only really missed when it breaks. As a licenced Lennox retailer, we’re happy to offer the best HVAC contracting services in the Toronto area, as well as AC Repair. If you’re looking to purchase and install a new air conditioner, we’re the best choice, offering competitive pricing, excellent consultations and units matched directly to your home’s needs. So call us today if you’re ready to beat the heat, and upgrade or install a new air conditioner. Continue reading

Furnace Comparison- What Kind of Furnace Should I Buy?

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when installing a new home furnace. Among these, your home size, energy needs, efficiency standards are the most important. As price differences between furnaces can tally up to thousands of dollars, it’s always a good idea to put some good thought into what you truly need, and what model is best suited for your home. In this guide, we’ve accumulated information about how to find your home’s energy needs and BTU requirements, and created a handy product comparison for our energy-efficient Lennox products. Cozyworld is your top Lennox dealer in the Toronto area, offering qualified, Energy Star Certified Lennox heating and air conditioning units. Continue reading

Furnace Installation Guide

Invest in the best home comfort for you and your family with Cozy World.

If you have an older, inefficient furnace which requires frequent repairs, it might be time to invest in an upgrade. Of the many appliance upgrades, a furnace upgrade can be one of the most cost-efficient for your home, as in the long run, a new furnace can save you money. Some of the benefits of a new furnace are: Continue reading