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Ductwork Installation
Ductwork Installation in Progress

The air duct is a major part of every HVAC forced air system. The picture above is showing the HVAC ductwork installation in progress. The best time to install ducts is at the time of new construction, or when the house undergoes a major renovation. Ideally, all air ducts should be installed within the conditioned part of the building. This type of air duct arrangement significantly reduces the cost of ductwork installation and minimizes heat loss.

HVAC Ductwork Layout

A typical duct system of a residential house is shown above. There are two main parts in the system:
the supply part (shown in pink) distributes conditioned air throughout the house
the return part (shown in blue) collects air and brings it back to the furnace for conditioning

Ductwork Drawings

The drawings are prepared by a consulting company of your choice. Also, they should be able to assist you with getting your City’s approval.

HVAC ductwork supposed to properly distribute the airflow throughout the house. It is achieved by properly designing the duct system. The design begins with heat loss and heat gain calculations. Based on the numbers the designer
– chooses the right size furnace
– chooses the right size air conditioner
– calculates duct sizes including branches to every room of the house