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HELP - Home Energy Loan Program


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Pre-Approved Furnace Loan or Air Conditioner Loan
Is Only a Click Away

Your furnace may break down unexpectedly.  But you don’t have to settle for the cheapest furnace and the “cheapest” contractor. Buy quality today. Pay at your leisure later.  Pay off the loan at any time without penalty . A pre-approved loan is only a click away. If you also need a new furnace humidifier or a furnace filter, the loan will cover them as well.

We work with SNAP Financial to arrange financing to our HVAC customers. SNAP Financial is recommended by Lennox. You can get a new furnace or an air conditioner pre-approved loan within minutes through a direct link to Snap Financial.

Benefits of Financing:

  • You don’t have to go with the “cheapest” contractor. Get a quality installation done today.
  • Affordable monthly payments. Pay the loan off without penalty when you are ready.
  • You don’t have to buy the cheapest furnace or air conditioner. Get quality units today.
  • Start saving on energy costs NOW and pay later.


The pre-approved loan will ONLY be valid with our company – Cozy World Inc. in Ontario, Canada. If you a planning to deal with another company, you need to apply for financing from their website.

You won’t get from SNAP any direct feedback after you have submitted the loan application. SNAP will send us an email regarding loan pre-approval to contact you.

To Sum Up. Applying for furnace financing or air conditioner financing from this page is only worth your time if you are hiring us to do the job.

Financing available for you

Get your furnace loan pre-approved NOW!

About SNAP Financing

  • Provides up to 100% financing for all your home HVAC needs
  • No down payment
  • The loan is completely open. Pay off the entire amount at any time without penalties. All pre-payments go toward the principal.
  • All personal information is kept confidential.
  • Deductions are made from your bank account.