Furnace Filter | Air Filter | Air Purifier

IMPROVES AIR QUALITY. Poor indoor air quality affects the efficiency and length of life of your furnace and air conditioner. Dust and lint in the house find its way into the furnace’s blower and heat exchanger reducing the air flow. When installing the new furnace, it’s a good time to fit a good filter between the furnace and the ductwork.  At this time minimal if any ducts modification is necessary. 

DOESN’T COST MUCH. A typical filter life is one year. In some cases (pets, carpets) you might want to replace the filter insert twice per year. An insert shown in the picture would cost you under $25 and are readily available.

WELL DESIGNED. Our filters have an exact fit with the cabinet. They do not contain fillers like foam, sponge to close the gaps. This means all the air is forced through the filter and not around the filler material. 

ENERGY SAVINGS. You wouldn’t expect it from the furnace filter. In old furnaces, the blower (fan) was designed to maintain a certain speed. In new furnaces, the blower designed to maintain a certain air flow. If the filter is resistive, like a 1 inch wide filter, the blower has to bring its speed up to maintain the air flow. As a result, a cheap furnace filter costs more in electricity. If the air filter is 5 inch wide, like the one shown in the slide, the blower speed stays lower saving on electricity and paying for the filter.