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When your furnace goes out in the middle of Winter, it gets cold fast. Old noisy furnaces are not only annoying, but they’re inefficient. Are you considering a new gas or electric furnace?

Is it the cost of a new furnace that’s making you hesitate, or do you just not know which is the best furnace for your home and budget? Maybe all of the options are more confusing than helpful.

Imagine having every room in your home at the perfect temperature all Winter long.

Imagine that your furnace is nearly silent, and your heating bills dramatically decrease.  

Well you can stop imagining. Making homes affordably cozy is kind of our thing.

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The price we quote is the price you get.


Our expert technicians take their time and make sure your
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Your new central heating will work as promised, and we’ll
provide maintenance to ensure years of comfort.

4 Steps to Constant Comfort:



Tell us about your home’s comfort issues.



An experienced technician will give you a free consultation explaining all of your options and provide a free quote.



Our furnace installations are efficient, professional, and you’ll hardly notice we’re there.



Stay warm all Winter with less noise and lower energy bills.

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We contacted Cozy World to get a quote on replacing our aging furnace. Their prices were very reasonable, and they didn’t charge and arm and a leg for upgrades. When we finally decided to go ahead it was done the next day! The guys were very professional and courteous – they even laid down mats to cover the inside walkways!!



furnace & ac installation

Expect the best, you won’t be disappointed! We are very satisfied with the outstanding service provided by Cozy World. Of all companies we called to quote us a replacement for our over 20 year-old furnace and air conditioning, Cozy World was the clear winner. Cozy World proved to be trustworthy, and we highly recommend them to anyone.



toronto hvac company reviews

Cozy World installed my new Lennox air conditioner last week. I live in a rowhouse and only a front yard install was possible, so my home posed challenges another HVAC installer couldn’t solve. Kam and Boris had solid suggestions and went above and beyond to get my A/C unit in a spot that would look and function the best. I’m super happy with the job they did, and the fact that they sold me a unit that not only works on all 4 levels of my home, but also isn’t MORE than what I need, or wanted to spend. Very grateful and would recommend them to anyone.



heating and air conditioning toronto

The 2 guys from Cozy World were on time, courteous, knowledgeable and very sweet. They were respectful of our home and garden. We got a prompt quote, a quality product and we are very happy.



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What you’ll get with

  • Gas licensed
  • Air conditioning licensed
  • TSSA registration
  • Insured
  • Bonded
  • Drop sheets are used to Protect Your Floors
  • Warrantied – Parts and Labor
  • Rated A+ by BBB. No complaints ever
  • HRAI Registration

Have questions? We’ve got answers!


It’s easy! Just click here to request a free consultation. We will give you a call to discuss your needs, and arrange to meet at your home. From there, we can give you a guaranteed price.


It’s important to take experience and customer satisfaction into account as well as price. While another company may quote a lower price, how much are you saving if the job is done poorly and needs to be repaired in the near future? With CozyWorld, you’re getting the satisfaction of a job done right the first time, every time — at a competitive price.


The brand – research brand reviews and ask your furnace installation contractor. Features – which features are most important? Efficiency, noise, etc. Location – Space and location of your new furnace is a cost factor for installations.  Furnace contractor – research contractors, speak with them in person or over the phone. Make sure they can answer all of your questions and offer a free in-home consultation.


It depends on how many units need to be installed. Typically, each unit takes between 4-6 hours, so 2 units can be installed in one day. In most cases, we can install up to 3 units, same day.


First of all, look for a long track record with plenty of good reviews on Google Reviews and Homestars. Additionally, they should have a clean history with the BBB. To get a bit more technical, the company you choose must have TSSA and HRAI registrations, HST, a City of Toronto License, $2 million in insurance and WSIB registration. In addition, all techs must have both gas and air conditioning licenses. CozyWorld checks all these boxes, and we can’t wait to speak with you!


Yes. Depending on the system you can get hundreds of dollars back in rebates and or tax deductions.

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BBB A+ for heating/cooling
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If you’re looking for professional furnace installation services in Toronto, you’re in the right place.

Are your heating bills high? Does your heating system struggle to keep your home cozy and warm during those cold winter months? Do you want to reduce your energy consumption? Our new furnace/heaters are energy efficient and will ensure that you stay warm on even the coldest winter night. We offer the top selling furnace/heaters on the market, including Lennox, Goodman, and Amana furnaces. Whether you are looking for the most advanced features or a budget friendly furnace, Toronto, we have you covered.

We offer a full line of energy efficient heaters with outstanding warranties, including:

  • Lennox furnaces
  • Amana furnaces
  • Goodman furnaces

Our line of Lennox furnaces includes the Signature Series Modulating Furnace SLP98, Merit Elite Series furnaces with ECM blowers (EL296v, EL296E, and EL195E), and the Merit Series ML furnaces (ML195 and ML193).

The Signature series has the highest efficiency percentage (98 percent). It is the quietest and uses the iComfort thermostat to ensure the temperature that you set is the temperature found in your home. The SLP98V Signature series furnace will ensure even heat throughout your home.

The Merit Elite Series furnaces featuring ECM blowers provide heating efficiency and a blower motor to reduce your heating bill. The EL296 model offers 96 percent efficiency two stage heating with a variable ECM blower. The EL296E is a two-stage furnace with a DC ECM blower operating at 96 efficiency. Finally, the EL195E is our one stage furnace featuring a DC ECM blower. Each of these heaters will reduce heating costs and keep your home toasty warm.

The Merit Series ML furnaces are available in two different models. The ML195 is a one stage furnace that provides 95 percent efficiency. The ML193 is a one stage furnace with 93 percent efficiency. These value models are reliable and affordable.

Our line of Amana furnaces includes the AMVC96 model, the AMEC96 model, the AMSS96 model, and the AMSS92 model. These premier products offer superior warranties and are quality built. If the gas furnace’s heat exchanger ever fails, Amana will provide the original registered homeowner with a new furnace at no cost.

The Amana AMVC96 is a 2-stage heater featuring variable speed blower. The furnace has a 96 percent efficiency rating. The AMEC96 is Amana’s 2 stage heater with a multispeed DC EMC blower motor. It also has an efficiency rating of 96 percent. The AMSS96 uses an AC blower motor and has a combustion efficiency of 96 percent. The AMSS92 is the entry level Amana furnace with an AC type blower motor with a 92 percent combustion efficiency.

Our line of Goodman furnaces includes the GMVC96 furnace, the GMEC96 furnace, the GMSS96 furnace, and the GMSS92 furnace. Goodman is one of the biggest names in furnaces. These value models are affordable, quality built and offer a number of features.

The GMVC96 Goodman furnace features a variable speed DC ECM blower motor with a 96 percent energy efficient rating. The GMEC96 Goodman furnace features a combustion efficiency rating of 96 percent. The multispeed DC ECM blower motor ensures energy efficiency to save you money on your heating bills. The Goodman GMSS96 furnace features an AC blower motor and an energy efficiency rating of 96 percent. Goodman’s entry level furnace is the GMSS92. This furnace uses an AC blower motor and has a combustion efficiency of 92 percent.

Whether you have a new house that needs a furnace or you are replacing an old furnace, you must take several things into consideration. You must consider the cost of the unit, the efficiency of the unit, the size of the unit, and the type of the unit. When you are looking at furnaces, you want to choose the most efficient furnace that is within your budget.

Another consideration is the type of furnace blower on the furnace. Variable speed blowers adjust the speed of the blower to ensure the heat distributes evenly through the house to help your home stay warm throughout. Variable speed blowers produce fewer drafts, are quieter, and prevent fewer temperature swings.

The type of ignition system used in your furnace can affect the energy efficiency of your unit. If the unit has a pilot light, it will use a small amount of fuel to keep the pilot light lit.

Furnaces/heaters with an igniter will light the furnace when it is time to turn on. When the furnace shuts off, the flame goes out which will reduce your energy costs.

You also want to ensure that the unit is sized correctly for your home. We will perform a load calculation to determine the size of the furnace that you need to efficiently heat your home. This calculation includes the total square footage of your home as well as window and door efficiency. If the system is too large or too small, you will be unable to heat your home properly. Too small of a unit will result in long run cycles. If the unit is too large, it will heat your home unevenly.

You will also want to consider the warranty for the furnace. Typically, the warranty will cover the heat exchanger for a longer period than other parts. It is important to remember that labor costs and refrigerant are usually not covered in the warranty.

Finally, you want to look at any rebates or incentives offered. Your local utility company, as well as state and federal tax agencies, may offer rebates or incentives if you install an energy efficient furnace/heater.

Are you tired of exorbitant heating bills? Do you care about the environment and want to decrease your gas usage and reduce pollution? Do you want a furnace that provides you with even heat distribution throughout your home?

Are you ready to buy a forced air gas furnace that is energy efficient and will last for many years? Whether you are replacing your current gas forced air furnace or installing one for the first time, you want one that’s built to last. Each of our furnaces/heaters come with extended warranties and amazing energy efficiency. Contact us today and let us help you determine the best heater/furnace for your home. We will discuss our complete line of furnaces/heaters and direct you towards the best one based on your budget and home size.

Don’t wait! Call us today to see how we can help you with a new energy efficient furnace.