HVAC packages Toronto

Furnace and Air conditioner packages or combo can be chosen in many different methods, we set them up together to get all the Lennox rebates available and also to get the most efficiency out of the system, if you are in market to change the whole HVAC systems, by studying this page you can have an idea of the options available

There are three type of packages we are providing to our customers


1. The Signature collection packagessignature collection logo


There are four packages in The signature collection packages, these packages include the Dave Lennox Signature Collection and elite series

Package 1 and 2 Furnace, Air-conditioner and Thermostat communicate with each other

This means They would work in the most efficient way possible for the system, another word if you only need to bring the temperature up or down only one degree or two the furnace or AC would only work on the minimum power insist on going full power.

There are many other options you are getting with these packages

You need to know these packages are the best-looking package, the quietest and most efficient package there is the market

Package number four is the package we sell the most in GTA in the signature collection package

All three packages are qualified for all the rebates ($650 from OPA)

Package number one is the package you would buy when you love your home and you want to stay in it for a long time.

2. The Elite packagesLennox series HVAC solutions

There are Eight packages in the better packages, these packages include the Lennox Elite Series

Package number 1 is still a communicating package and it is just as good as the best packages

Lennox Elite Series furnaces are above %95 and they all have DC motor which qualifies them for the Rebates from OPA

The best thing about these packages is that the efficiency of a 13 SEER Lennox Air-conditioner would go up to 15 SEER and it would make it qualified for the OPA rebates
Furnace coil A/C Filter Thermostat Warranty Rebates Make

  • EL296V+XC17+Media+iComfort
  • EL296V+XC14+Media+iComfort
  • EL296E+XC14+Media+Honeywel
  • EL195E+XC14+Media+Honeywell
  • EL296E+ACX14+Media+Honeywel
  • EL296E+ACX13+Media+Honeywel
  • EL195E+ACX14+Media+Honeywell
  • EL195E+ACX13+Media+Honeywell

3. The Merit packagesLennox merit package

Our Merit packages are also our economical packages, Lennox Merit Series are still very efficient equipment and they are budget friendly. we have also Goodman and Aire-flo furnaces and Air-conditioner package in our Merit packages. There are no rebates in these packages but the price you are paying at the beginning is less than our other packages with rebates

Furnace coil A/C Filter Thermostat Warranty Rebates Make

  •  ML195+ACX13+Media+Honeywell
  •  ML193+ACX13+Media+Honeywell