Honeywell air humidifier

Dry air can cause a number of discomforts and problems,

from dry itchy skin and eyes to a sore scratchy throat, to warped and cracked furniture. But with A smart, convenient humidifier, you’ll have the defence you need. Offered in a range of styles and designs to fit your household,

Honeywell humidifiers can help counteract the effects of dry harsh air by adding essential moisture to your home.

Our choice of furnace humidifier is Honeywell humidifier. The choice is based on reliability – 5 years warranty, the ease of servicing and the price of this furnace humidifier.

Furnace humidifiers are also called whole house humidifier and the central air humidifier. It may also come with yet another name – bypass humidifier. Humidifiers of this type provide humidity for the whole house.

A Honeywell humidifier comes in two models:

  • HE225 – 12 gallons per day (gpd) or 46 liters per day (lpd).
  • HE265 – 17 gallons per day (gpd) or 65 liters per day (lpd).

Honeywell provides capacity for its humidifiers at @120 F which is what we get when a humidifier installed on a high-efficiency furnace. Some humidifier manufacturers provide capacity at 140 F. The high temperature can only be found on the old low-efficiency furnace.

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