Lennox Furnace EL296UHE

Lennox Furnace EL296UHE has also Efficiency rating of 96% AFUE can save you. Just as much as one furnace higher on GAS this furnace does have the DC motor blower motor and it is qualified for all the rebates.

ENERGY STAR® qualified—meets or exceeds EPA guidelines for energy efficiency

Two-Stage gas valve operates at a lower heating output for better efficiency, switching to a higher output as needed

DC motor blower motor—provides a quiet, consistent flow of air for enhanced comfort, efficiency and humidity control

This furnace has stainless steel secondary heat exchanger and will let the furnace to get the highest efficiency levels by holding the added heat


This furnace has 10 years warranty on parts and lifetime heat exchanger.

Extended labour warranty for up to 10 years is available.

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