Lennox Furnaces

Are you in the market for a Lennox furnace? They’re known as some of the best with high efficiency performance and some unique features that separate them from the pack. Every model is a forced air gas furnace with 90%+ efficiency, most are over 95% efficient. There are three lines of Lennox furnaces that are each at different price points and with different features. These include the Signature, Elite, and Merit lines, and there are several models within each lineup.

lennox signature furnace toronto

Modulating Furnace SLP98V, Signature Series

SLP98V 98% efficiency. Has the highest efficiency among furnaces. It has  Variable Capacity and aka Modulating. It is the most quiet and the most efficient furnace on the market. Precise Comfort® technology allows the SLP98V to keep the temperature exactly where you set it on the iComfort thermostat. Of all types of furnaces, SLP98V delivers the most even heat throughout your home. Also, this is the most quiet furnace.

lennox signature furnace toronto

Furnaces with ECM Blower, Elite Series EL

This series of high efficiency furnaces includes three models:
EL296V – Two stage, 96% eff., variable DC (ECM) blower
EL296E – Two stage,  96% eff., DC (ECM) blower
EL196E – One stage,  96% eff., DC (ECM) blower
In addition to a high heating efficiency, this furnaces also have efficient ECM blower motor. It’ll reduce your electricity bill during both heating and cooling seasons, in addition to the gas bill.

lennox high efficiency furnace toronto

Merit Series Furnaces ML

This series of high efficiency furnaces includes three models:

ML296V – Two stage, 96% eff. variable speed fan
ML195 – One stage,  95% eff.
ML193 – One stage,  93% eff.
These furnaces is what the top of the line used to be 20 years ago. Today they are value models, but just as strong and reliable as they were 20 years ago. If the top efficiency is not the first priority, these furnaces are good choice.

While all three are great, the Signature is the crown jewel and delivers the best efficiency with the most power. Within each line, you’ll find furnaces of varying size for small, medium, and large areas and environments. This ensures you receive reliable heating throughout the home regardless of temperature or weather condition. As a Premier Lennox Deal, we can help you discover and choose from the different Lennox furnaces to ensure you get the right one.

A furnace will last many years if treated right, so this is a purchase that will affect your life for years to come. You don’t want to choose the wrong one and get left in the cold or spending more money than you’d like on operating costs. We offer numerous Lennox reviews and even a comparison page so that you can get a snapshot of the different furnaces and how they stack up. We’re also here to answer any questions you have.

Whether you’re looking to heat your home on a budget or want the most efficient furnace possible, Lennox has the right models for your needs. We will also assist in the installation of all Lennox furnaces, so be sure to contact us if you have any questions or if you’re ready for installation and need a qualified crew to assist you.

Let’s go over the three major lines of Lennox furnaces so that you have a good idea of what they offer. We’ll start with the best series, the Signature line, and move down. While Signature is the best, keep in mind that all three are amazing and they can all serve your heating needs.

Common Lennox features include:

  • High-efficiency units ranging from 93% to 98% efficient based on your budget
  • Most models can variate how much power is being used to reduce power usage
  • Very quiet, ensuring you get consistent heat without loud noises
  • Heats the whole home without any cool spot

This is only a brief look into each Lennox line. For a more comprehensive opinion on each furnace, or if you have any questions, please contact us and discuss your needs. We will find the perfect furnace for your home based on your preferences, size, and other factors. We’re also here to help install the furnace once you’ve finalized your decision.

Lennox Signature Series

The best within the Signature line is the Modulating SLP98V furnace. It’s one of the best home furnaces that you can buy. As you might expect from the name, this furnace has 98% efficiency. For those who don’t know what efficiency is, this refers to how much energy from the natural gas powers the furnace and how much expels as exhaust.

A standard furnace is often around 80% efficiency, meaning that 20% of the energy is wasted and expelled. High efficiency models start at 90%, but few can match the 98% of the Lennox SLP98V. It doesn’t stop there, as there are a few other features you should know about.

The Variable Capacity features, also known as Modulating, keeps your energy costs as low as possible. This adjusts the heating capacity and fan speed as needed so that your home is comfortable while using the least amount of energy. With the iComfort thermostat, you can keep the temperature exactly where you need it.

Aside from even heat coverage, you’ll find the SLP98V is the quietest furnace around. It’s a wonderful model that delivers everything you could ask for.

Lennox Elite Furnaces

The Elite line has some great units and features, plus it’s at a more comfortable price point. If you’re looking for efficient furnaces and you’re willing to spend a little more for premium quality, then the Elite line is right for you.

There are three furnaces in this line that qualify as high efficiency furnaces. They are:

  • EL296V: 96% efficiency, variable DC (ECM) blower, two stage
  • EL296E: 96% efficiency, DC (ECM) blower, two stage
  • EL195E: 95% efficiency, DC (ECM) blower, one stage

ECM motors, or Electronically Commutated Motors, are variable and can adjust their strength as needed to keep you comfortable. This will reduce both your electric and gas bills during both the warm and cool seasons.

Not only that, but the Elite furnaces are quiet, do a great job of heating your whole home, and they are highly durable even against the harshest weather. When you want great performance without a huge expense, then check out one of these furnaces.

Lennox Merit Furnaces

The Merit line prioritizes affordability while still providing powerful, high efficiency furnaces that will give you consistent heat throughout your whole home. The specs of the Merit line are roughly what would have been top-of-the-line about 20 years ago, which is a good thing. You are getting a wonderful machine for a discount.

While they don’t have the high efficiency of the other lines, these are still very efficient machines. The three models in this line are:

  • ML296V 96% efficiency, two stage variable speed Fan
  • ML195: 95% efficiency, one stage
  • ML193: 93% efficiency, one stage

As you can see, the efficiency is pretty consistent with the other models. You don’t have the variable motors and other features, so these models are basic, but you can’t get better for their low price.

As a Premier Lennox Dealer, we can help connect you with the best Lennox furnace for your needs. We can also help you with the installation as well. Either have a look through our reviews, or feel free to contact us and talk to us about your needs. Whatever you need, we’ll be sure to help. Whether your needs are basic or advanced, we’ll find and install the perfect furnace for you.