Buy Lennox Furnace EL296HUV

Lennox Furnace EL296HUV has Efficiency rating of 96% AFUE
can save you hundreds of dollars each year compared to standard furnaces and even Mid efficiency furnaces.

It is qualified ENERGY STAR it exceeds EPA guidelines for energy efficiency This furnace is qualified for all the Rebates available

Two stage Gas valve and Variable speed DC motor blower motor will make this unit one of the most efficient furnaces in the market.

EL296HUV is icomfort Wi-Fi– enabled

The EL296UHV can be match nicely with the iComfort Wi-Fi thermostat and you’ll have the enjoyment of communicating systems which is very comforting.

This control technology which has the adjustment of power of output to keep within 0.5 degrees of your chosen temperature swings.

Control the temperature when you are out of home from your smartphone and get the weather forecast and temperature (hooked up to a temperature sensor) on your thermostat screen and more with the iComfort thermostat.

Variable speed blower motor will give you the exactly chosen CFM for maximum comfort, humidity control.

this furnace has stainless steel secondary heat exchanger and will let the furnace to get the highest efficiency levels by holding the added heat.


This furnace has 10 years warranty on parts and lifetime heat exchanger.

Extended labour warranty for up to 10 years is available.

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