ENBRIDGE Home Energy Conservation Program.
Incentives up to $5,000 to qualified homeowners


You need to talk to one of the Certified Energy Auditors (CEAs) approved by Enbridge to ensure that your house qualifies. WE CAN MAKE ONE OF THEM TO CALL YOU. If your house qualifies, our furnaces will qualify. Guaranteed.

The Home Inspectors Group Inc.: 647-792-0276
Pro Home and Building Inspections Inc.: 416-651-7778
Canada Energy Audit Ltd.: 416-822-6524
The full details of the program can be found on the ENBRIDGE site.

Enbridge 2018 Rebates

OPA Rebates up to $850
We submit. You get the money.

$250 for replacing old furnace with a new high efficiency forced air furnace equipped with Variable speed ECM, DC motor.

$600 for replacing an old central air conditioner to high efficiency over 18 SEER

LENNOX Rebates up to $1500
We submit. You get the money.


This program runs between March 12– June 15, 2018 Click on the picture below to see all details.




Rebates for popular Packages

  • SLP98V + XC25 + iComfort: $1,300.00
  • SLP98V + XC20 + iComfort: $900.00
  • SLP98V + SL18 + iComfort: $650.00
  • SLP98V + EL16XC1 + iComfort: $42500
  • EL296V + EL16XC1+ Honeywell Thermostat: $375.00
  • EL296E + EL16XC1+ Honeywell Thermostat: $275.00

Rebates for Individual Unit

  • SLP98V: $325.00
  • EL296V: $200.00
  • EL296E: $100.00
  • EL16XC1: $100.00
  • SL18XC1: $175.00