Gas Line | Gas Pipe | Installation & Types

Types of Gas Lines

Depending on the installation we can use one of the 3 main types of natural gas lines:
-black pipe
-flexible gas lines

Black Pipe Gas Line Installation

Black piping for gas lines used mostly on new construction or during a renovation when there is easy access to spaces between joists and between studs. In a finished house with the joist space cancelled, a black line would have to be installed exposed. Exposed black pipes is not an appealing option for most homeowners. In these cases, we can install a copper line or a flexible gas pipe. Some of the other names for Black Pipe Gas Line are:
-black gas line
-black iron gas line
-black steel pipe


Flexible Gas Line Installation

Flexible gas lines are made of corrugated stainless steel. Yellow plastic jacket warns that the piping carries natural gas. Quite often yellow gas lines are the only choice when we have to do gas piping installation through finished spaces. Other names are used too for this type of natural gas lines:
-flexible gas line
-flex gas line
-flexible gas pipe
-flexible natural gas line
-flexible gas supply line
-yellow gas line
-natural gas flex line


Copper Gas Lines

Due to the small diameter, 1/2 inch most of the time, copper pipe is mostly used to connect a single appliance to the main gas line. Gas line for a dryer, a gas pipe for a stove or BBQ, this is where you can expect to see a copper gas line.